M.Phil (Master of Philosophy) in Pharmacy

The M.Phil degree is qualifications, on its own for one's career or a preparation for further education as PhD. Master of Philosophy in Pharmacy is a two year full time program for specialization in one of four fields of Pharmacy, such as:



Pharmaceutical Chemistry



This is a mixed mode degree comprising one year course work, one year of supervised research followed by submission of research thesis.

Course Work

M.Phil Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • PCHEM-711 Bio Statistics

  • PCHEM-712 Analytical Chemistry

  • PCHEM-713 Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

  • PCHEM-714 Drug Design

  • PCHEM-715 Drug Stability

  • PCHEM-716 Seminar

  • PCHEM-717 Term Paper

  • PCHEM-721 Combinational Chemistry

  • PCHEM-722 Chromatographic Analysis

  • PCHEM-723 Polymers

  • PCHEM-724 Pharmaceutical Lab

  • PCHEM-725 Research Methodology

  • PCHEM-726 Seminar

  • PCHEM-727 Term Paper

  • PCHEM-731 Research and Seminar

  • PCHEM-741 Research and Seminar

Course Work

M.Phil Pharmacology

    • PCOL-711 Bio Statistics

    • PCOL-712 Advanced Concepts of General Pharmacology

    • PCOL-713 Pharmacology Lab

    • PCOL-714 Systems Pharmacology

    • PCOL-715 Biochemical Pharmacology

    • PCOL-716 Seminar

    • PCOL-717 Term Paper

    • PCOL-721 Chemotherapy

    • PCOL-722 Pharmacology Lab

    • PCOL-723 Neuropharmacology

    • PCOL-724 Toxicology Pharmacology for Critical Care Patients

    • PCOL-725 Research Methodology and Research

    • PCOL-726 Seminar

    • PCOL-727 Term Paper

  • PCHEM-731 Research and Seminar

  • PCHEM-741 Research and Seminar

Course Work

M.Phil Pharmacognosy

      • PCOG-711 Bio Statistics (Theory)

      • PCOG-712 Advances in Pharmacognosy (Theory)

      • PCOG-713 Pharmacognosy Lab

      • PCOG-714 Biosynthesis of Natural Products (Theory)

      • PCOG-715 Plant Toxicology (Theory)

      • PCOG-716 Seminar

      • PCOG-717 Term Paper

      • PCOG-721 Phytochemicals of Natural Origin (Theory)

      • PCOG-722 Phytochemical Analysis (Lab)

      • PCOG-723 Cell Biotechnology (Theory)

      • PCOG-724 Alternative Medicines and Herbal Drugs

      • PCOG-725 Research Methodology and Seminars

      • PCOG-726 Seminar

      • PCOG-727 Term Paper

    • PCOG-731 Research and Seminar

    • PCOG-741 Research and Seminar

Course Work

M.Phil Pharmacy Practice

        • PPRAC-711 Bio Statistics

        • PPRAC-712 Community Pharmacy and Public Health

        • PPRAC-713 Clinical Pharmacotherapeutics – I

        • PPRAC-714 Clinical Pharmacokinetics

        • PPRAC-715 Clerkship / Seminar / Workshop

        • PPRAC-721 Research Methodology and Study Design

        • PPRAC-722 Advance Pharmacy Practice

        • PPRAC-723 Clinical Pharmacotherapeutics – II

        • PPRAC-724 Elective Courses

        • (Oncology / Diabetes / Psychiatric Disorder / Cardiovascular diseases / Infectious diseases)

        • PPRAC-725 Clerkship / Seminar / Workshop

      • PPRAC-731 Research Work and Thesis

      • PPRAC-741 Research Work and Thesis

Course Work

M.Phil Pharmaceutics

        • PCEU-711 Bio Statistics

        • PCEU-712 Advances Pharmaceutics

        • PCEU-713 Pharmaceutics Lab

        • PCEU-714 Biopharmaceutics

        • PCEU-715 Pharmaceutical Microbiology

        • PCEU-716 Seminar

        • PCEU-717 Term Paper

        • PCEU-721 Pharmaceutical Technology

        • PCEU-722 Pharm. Tech. Lab

        • PCEU-723 Clinical Pharmacy

        • PCEU-724 Pharmaceutical Marketing

        • PCEU-725 Research Methodology

        • PCEU-726 Seminar

        • PCEU-727 Term Paper

      • PCEU-731 Research and Seminar

      • PCOG-741 Research and Seminar

Duration of Studies

M.Phil course will be for four semesters. In first two semesters, 24 credit hours course work and in 3rd and 4th semesters 6 credit hour research work will be carried out. The research work submitted for M.Phil. will not be part of PhD thesis. Maximum permissible period for the completion of Ph.D. will be 5 years. The period shall be counted from the date of commencement of classes of Ph.D. programme. The minimum period of completion of Ph.D. programme shall be 3 years (one year 18 credit hours course work for Ph.D., comprehensive examination, synopsis; two years research). After 5 years, the scholar shall cease to be the student of the University and shall not generally be eligible for readmission. The PhD candidate has to take course work of 18 credit hours. Candidates from Scientific Research Organizations, after successful completion of course work, may carry out their experimental work in laboratories of their parent departments on the recommendations of the supervisor, approved by the DPC, at the time of approval of the synopsis. A Ph.D. student shall be required to pass a comprehensive examination (written) within one month after completing course work, and before undertaking the synopsis/research work. A Ph.D. student shall be required to submit synopsis within six month of completing course work and before commencing the research work. A Ph.D. student will give a seminar relevant to his/her field of research at his/her convenience within a year of submission of synopsis to the department for the approval of various statutory bodies such as DPCC/Advanced Studies & Research Board.

Examination (Course Work)

Approved course contents by the DPC of each department and by the other relevant bodies will be taught. There will be two - three semesters in each year, winter, spring and summer (optional), of 16-18 weeks each (winter and spring) with a minimum of 14-16 weeks for the course work, summer semester will be of 8-10 weeks. The DPCC shall regulate the commencement of the semesters. The first semester shall normally start on second Monday of September each year and terminate by first week of January. The second semester shall start on the 4th Monday of the January and its examinations shall be held in 3rd week of May. Summer semester shall commence in third week of June and end by fourth week of August. For M.Phil two semesters of course work and one-two semesters of research / internship (6 credit hours) will be mandatory which normally has to be completed within two years. For Ph.D., from the second Monday of September, the students who have maintained CGPA ≥ 3.0 in M.Phil shall undertake additional course work/ Research techniques training equivalent to 18 credit hours. In case of commencement of research in Summer semester Ph.D. course work shall start in Spring semester. There shall be a Comprehensive Examination within one month after completing the Ph.D. course work. The student will write and submit synopsis for Ph.D. research work within six months of completing the Ph.D. course work.

M.Phil Thesis Submission

A regular student will normally be required to take workload (for course work) of six to twelve credit hours in each semester. At the end of the first semester a student must obtain a minimum Grade Point average (GPA) of 2.50 to be promoted to the second semester. In order to qualify a course GP 2.30 required. In case a student is able to obtain GPA of 2.30 or more but less than 2.50 he / she will be promoted to the second Semester on probation. The candidate, who fails to secure 2.30 GPA in the first Semester shall stand automatically dropped from the rolls. At the end of the second semester, a student must obtain a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.50 and must also pass at least 50% of the courses offered by him / her in order to be promoted to the third semester. If any of the preceding two conditions is not complied with by a student then he / she shall be removed from the rolls of the College. In the 3rd or 3rd and 4th semesters a student will carry out research work under the supervision of his / her supervisor and submit research thesis end of 3rd or 4th semester. In the third semester a student will also be required to repeat those courses of the first semester in which he/she had failed and maintains CGPA of 2.50 failing which his / her name will be removed from the College. In the fourth semester, a student will be required to repeat those courses of the second semester in which he / she had failed and maintains CGPA of 2.50 failing which his / her name will be removed from the College. A student, who completes all the courses and has not been required to repeat any course(s), obtains CGPA of less than 2.50 but not less than 2.30 at the end of the 4th semester, may be allowed to repeat up to two courses (varying 2-6 credits) in which he / she had obtained the lowest grades, in order to improve the CGPA so as to obtain the minimum of 2.50 failing which he / she shall not be awarded degree and removed from the rolls of the College. A student who had earned 'F' grade in a course in 1st semester may be allowed to take one additional course during the 2nd/3rd semester with the permission of the DPC of the College. A student who had earned 'F' grade in a course in 2nd semester may be allowed to take one additional course during the 3rd/4th semester with the permission of the DPC of the College. The teacher shall send a copy of the activity record of the courses on prescribed Performa to the DPC, Chairman/Principal at the end of each semester. After two semesters (24 credit hours) of course work, research work of six credit hours will be carried out in third and fourth semesters. Title of the thesis will be recommended by DPC routed through DPCC for the approval of the Vice-Chancellor. Thesis shall be submitted within six weeks after the termination of fourth semester (as the case may be). In case of genuine reason on the recommendation of the supervisor, DPC, DPCC Vice Chancellor can give extension up to six months for the submission of thesis/ report/ project. Evaluation of thesis will be by External Examiner. Board of Examiners for the examination of thesis shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor out of the panel recommended by DPC concerned routed through DPCC. Evaluation normally be completed within six weeks of submission of the theses. Only those students who scored CGPA ≥ 2.5 will be awarded M.Phil. Degree.

Thesis Examination M.Phil Research / Thesis

The research thesis shall be submitted within the specified period of registration or up to a maximum of six weeks after the final examination at the end of 4th Semester. The Vice-Chancellor on the recommendations of the respective DPC, to avoid any hardship in genuine cases, shall have the power to extend the date of submission of thesis for a total period not exceeding six months. A Board of Examiners for the evaluation of thesis shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor out of the panel of three experts recommended by the DPC / Board of Studies concerned. The Board of Examiners shall comprise: Principal of the College (Ex-Officio) External Examiner (One) Research Supervisor/s (Internal/s) The candidate shall have to appear before the Board of Examiners for the assessment of his/ her thesis and comprehensive examination. The Board of Examiners shall either accept or defer for resubmission or reject the thesis. No degree shall be awarded unless the Board of Examiners recommend the award. If the Board of Examiners find that the thesis is wholly inadequate, the thesis shall be rejected. If the thesis, though inadequate, is of sufficient merit, in the opinion of at least two examiners including the external examiner, the Board of Examiners may recommend to re-submit it in a revised form within a period of six months. The Chairman/Director/Principal shall forward to DPCC and the Controller of Examinations the names and particulars of successful candidates for award of the Degree of M.Phil. On receipt of the names of successful candidates from the Chairman/ Director/ Principal/ School, the Controller of Examinations shall issue a result notification.

Criteria for
Awarding Postgraduate Degree